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Moving to or from Vancouver: Reasons for Getting Storage for Long Distance Moving

Moving and Storage Services Vancouver BC - Storage Vancouver BC

In many people’s eyes, the concepts of moving and storage are quite separate. One is all about keeping items together in one place, while the other one is all about transporting items to another place. In fact, frequently they are both essential components in the overall moving project […]

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How to Prepare a Plan for Long Distance Moving in Canada

Vancouver Moving Company - Long Distance Movers Canada

When it comes to moving between Canadian provinces, some factors come into play that don’t feature when moving between neighbourhoods within one city. The importance of preparing in advance is even more obvious when moving long distance to or from Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada. Other than packing your […]

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Useful Colour Coding Tips for Residential Moving in Vancouver

Colour coding for residential moving - Movers Vancouver

Planning for a residential move in Vancouver, BC or elsewhere in Canada can be a challenge as there is a quite a lot involved: wrapping, packing and moving, and then almost just as much to do when reaching your new home. One of the ways to help […]

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Long Distance Moving Tips: Cut Your Costs

The cost of moving long distances to or from Vancouver, BC, across Canada or into the US is going to fall outside the classification of ‘local’ moving. Your possessions are going to be in transit for several days – in some rare cases even weeks. Good news […]

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Some Packing Tips for Residential Moves in Vancouver, BC

7 Packing Tips - Packing Tips for a Residential Move Vancouver BC

At Viktoria Professional Movers Vancouver, our residential moving services can include full-service packing services and packing supplies, but you can still choose to do most of the packing yourself. Below are some useful tips to help you pack your belongings, and particularly those fragile or highly valuable ones to guard […]

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Tips for Self-Staging Your Vancouver House on a Budget

Vancouver Home Staging Tips - Self - Staging Tips Vancouver BC

When potential buyers are viewing a house in Vancouver, BC for sale, they are doing what we were all told not to do when growing up: judging a book by its cover. Consider your house an open book and encourage the buyers to make the offer that meets your […]

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